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What back up & support will I receive.

Our policy is to offer back up and support as and when required. In doing so we try to ensure
that as a franchisee you achieve your goals. We do not impose head office targets on you.
Doors & Drawers acknowledge that franchisees can be expected to have different requirements when it comes to the support they require. Here at Doors & Drawers we put a lot of effort into ensuring that you receive the correct back up and support as and when required.

Doors & Drawers put a lot of emphesis on back up at the pre start up and launch of a franchise. Helping our franchisee with a lot of the time consuming aspects of setting up allowiing you to concentrate on training etc takes a lot of the pressure and stress off of our franchisees.

We do however advise that prospective franchisees seek the relative proffessional advise
prior to making a firm decision if required.